Grey Snow Sanitation is pleased to announce our latest offering, the commission of a new cardboard baler.  Later this month, we will begin collecting clean, broken-down cardboard which will be compacted into bales for recycling.  Cardboard collection will initially be only for our commercial customers, with collections twice a week, however we expect to offer options to our residential customers in the near future.  We project approximately twenty yards of cardboard will be collected and baled each week from our commercial customers, equivalent to one sanitation truck full, versus being put into the landfill.  This program will continue to allow our Tribe to be good stewards of our environment.  Be on the lookout for continued program expansion.


Rates and Fees:

Residential                                                        $16.25

Dumpster                                                          $30.25

Business Rate                                                   $82.25

Trash customers renting dumpster           $40.00 per dump

  • Bill is due the 15th of each month. Payments can be in the form of cash or check or you can conveniently pay by scrolling to the bottom of this page and registering for online bill pay.

  • Trash cans or dumpsters will be provided to new customers on loan. Once trash service with us is over, they must be returned.

Trash pick up dates:

  • Monday: White Cloud and Tribal Complex

  • Tuesday: Hiawatha, Robinon, Reserve and Stateline Houses

  • Wednesday: Rulo, Preston, Falls City

  • If a holiday falls on pickup day, trach will be picked up on the following day, same if we are closed due to bad weather.

We only pick up bagged household trash. Non allowable items are as follows:

  • Tires

  • Metal of any kind

  • Carpet

  • Lumber

  • Batteries

  • Furniture

  • Mattress

  • Tree Limbs

  • Oil

  • Shingles

  • Grass Clippings

Kimberly Keller, Accounts Receivable 

3345 B Thrasher Rd.

White Cloud, KS 66094


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